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Studio Werken is the creative hub of art director and designer Luise Gnizak based in Hamburg. – With a network of professionals from different disciplines I like to connect at the right time during the process - to create consistent, transformable and recognisable identities.

Collectively we fuel the dialog around the thinks that matter. It leads to relationships between people and services to uplift a healthy business and engaging community around it. 

I have been working internationally for the US and German industry and community for over twelve years. My experience in design originates in the variety of projects from branding, publishing and exhibition as well as working for renowned agencies such as IDEO and Hybrid Design. 

My services are strategy and visual identity & graphic design, publication & editorial design, print & digital design, and environmental design.   

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Manufacturing & Design, Art & Culture, Education & Care, Science & Technology, Non-Profits and others 



Botanical Garden Berlin, Carl Zeiss, Capital Magazine, Coalesse, DfeugDeutsche Feuerwehr Gewerkschaft, Design Week Portland, Ernst Klett Verlag, Federal Agency for Civic Education, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Museum, Ginger, Goethe-Institut, Google, Isabel Spahr, Infas–Institute for Applied Social Sciences, Levi's, Memos, Mohawk Paper, Museum New Castle Meersburg, National Exhibition Hall Bonn, Nike, Pinterest, Portland Kinder Festival, State Museum Stuttgart, Steelcase, Theodor Heuss Museum, Union Investment, WZB–Social Science Center, zbkZentrum für bewegte Kunst, and more

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