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Concept   Visual Identity   Print   Social Media   Art Direction

Design Portland is a non-profit organization dedicated to connect creatives in the city and to provide a platform for divers and unique voices. They created the opportunities to partner up to collaboratively shape Design Week Portland. I had the honor to help develop the brand identity for the festival for 2020. 

The target we set was to capture the ecosystem and mesh of creatives in the Portland communities that support each other by shaping, amplifying and inspiring ideas.

Adapting to the changing time, the Festival 2020 moved its events to a different time and format.

Client: Design Portland

Partner: Tsilli Pines, Rachel Coddington, Mars Botch, Erika Nathanielsz, Jacob Salazar, Fran Bittakis, Elysia Mann

Year: 2020

Typeface: Raisonné by Colophon Foundry

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